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The following list represents current and recent projects carried out by Griffcon either directly or for major equipment manufacturers under contract to:

United States Department of Defense
Department of the Navy

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The primary contractors to the Government, with whom we sub-contract are:

General Electric Healthcare

Philips Medical Systems North America

Siemens Medical Solutions

Toshiba America Medical Systems

The primary Department of the Navy project location is the Naval Medical Center, 34800 Bob Wilson Drive, San Diego, CA 92134 (BNMC). Other Southern California Navy locations include El Centro, Miramar and Naval Air Station North Island as well as the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

  1. PMS BNMC Cath. Laboratory Bi-Plane
  2. PMS BNMC Cath. Laboratory Single plane
  3. GE BNMC CT Oncology
  4. GE BNMC MP Laboratory
  5. GE BNMC MR1 Upgrade
  6. GE BNMC MR2 Upgrade
  7. PMS BNMC Digital Radiology Room
  8. PMS BNMC Gamma Camera
  9. PMS BNMC RR #11
  10. SMS BNMC Symbia SPEC/CT
  11. PMS Camp Pendleton Nuclear Camera
  12. GE BNMC Emergency Room CT
  14. GE Camp Pendleton Area 13 Radiology Room
  15. GE Camp Pendleton RR #5
  16. PMS Camp Pendleton Gamma Camera
  17. PMS Naval Air Facility, El Centro Radiology Room
  18. SMS BNMC Angio Suite
  20. FED BNMC Multi Purpose Room
  21. GE BNMC RR #15
  22. GE BNMC RR #21
  23. GE Naval Air Station San Diego RR #255
  24. GE Naval Air Station San Diego RR #249
  25. PMS BNMC Angio Lab
  26. PMS BNMC RR #13
  27. GE Camp Pendleton RR #3
  28. GE USNS Mercy Angio Lab
  29. GE USNS Mercy CT   Information
  30. PMS Gemini PET/CT System
  31. SMS PET/CT System
  32. SMS CT64 E.D. CT Suite
  33. SMS CT Dual Source
  34. GE 10 X-Ray Room Renovations
  35. GE 2 R/F Room Renovations USNS Mercy
  36. GE 2 X/R Room Renovations USNS Mercy
  37. GE CT Suite Renovation USNS Mercy
  38. GE CV Lab Renovations USNS Mercy
  39. PMS R/F Fort Irwin
  40. GE Electro Physiology Lab
  41. GE Cardiac Lab
  42. GE Hybrid/QR Lab
  43. GE CT Renovation 29 Palms Naval Station

United States Department of Veterans Affairs projects are located in San Diego, Loma Linda , and West Los Angeles.

  1. PMS VA San Diego RR # 1
  2. PMS VA San Diego RR # 2
  3. PMS VA San Diego Angio Lab
  4. PMS VA Loma Linda RR #2
  5. PMS VA Loma Linda RR #3
  6. PMS VA Loma Linda RR #4
  7. PMS VA West Los Angeles PET/CT  InformationImages
  8. SMS VA San Diego RF Lab
  9. PMS VA San Diego Cardio Vascular Lab
  10. PMS VA White City Modular MRI


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